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Uganda Female Condom Coalition.

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Female condom pack

Female condom pack

Background of UFCC

The Uganda Female Condom Coalition (UFCC) is policy advocacy coalition comprised of twenty organizations working on reproductive health and HIV and AIDS that are committed to the promotion of the use of the Female Condom as an alternative means of family planning and prevention of STIs/HIV and AIDS. The Coalition was galvanized into formation after training on ‘Female Condom Advocacy’ workshop organized by Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) and Global Campaign for Microbicides in June 2009.

The Uganda Female Condom Coalition (UFCC) is received   funding from centre for health and gender equity to advocate for the finalization of the condom policy and ensure that all other relevant policies include components relevant to female condoms. These included future policies that define the national quality testing protocol and regulatory approval process, review of the donor funding policies to allow for bulk female condom purchases that can facilitate price reductions and minimize gaps in supply, and ensure effective representation of the UFCC on the Condom stakeholders’ group.

The $5000 grant was for a period of six months and meant to be implemented from October 4th through Arpil 2012. With a major objective of  lobbying Uganda Ministry of Health, Johnson snow international (JIS), Management Health science (MSH) which are USAID implementing agencies and UNFPA and MSI to commit to purches 1.5 million female condom by 2013.


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