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Standing the test of time – 2008.

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“Scaling up through partners: Over coming obstacles to implementation” Is the theme of the meeting of HIV/AIDS implementers that will take place in Uganda on 7th June 2008.
“The success and progress of Uganda in the fight against HIV AIDS pandemic, is not attributed to one partner. It’s the effort of many partners, the church leaders, the private sector, the good governance in our country and the civil society organizations e.t.c” Kihumuro Apuli the director general Uganda AIDS commission told journalists in his opening remarks at the press conference this morning.
The press conference which was also addressed by the USA embassy deputy chief of mission Andrew Chritton, UNICEF Uganda representative Mr. Keith McKenzie and Director, CDC-Uganda Jordan Tappero, was intended to brief the media in Uganda on the HIV/AIDS implementers meeting from all over the world due to take place in Uganda.
Recognizing the rapid expansion of HIV/AIDS programs world wide, the focus of this year’s meeting is: Building the capacity of local HIV prevention, treatment, and care programs, Enhancing quality, Promoting coordination among partners.
The forum will facilitate open dialogue about future directions of HIV/AIDS Programs, with a strong emphasis on implementation, best practices and identification of critical Barriers.
The 2008 program will focus on how implementers are meeting challenges that affect the scale-up of HIV/AIDS prevention treatment and care. Six themes for the meeting have been identified that cut across all subject matter areas of HIV/AIDS programming: 1-Monitoring and evaluation for impact improvement, 2-Human capacity development, 3-Knowing your epidemic and Response, 4-Coordination and Harmonization, 5-Linking people with Resources, 6-Integration of services.
“The meeting is about how we can save as many lives as possible as quickly as possible”
The USA embassy deputy chief of mission Andrew Chritton, in his remarks, told the press conference.
UNICEF Uganda representative said that UNICEF reaffirms their commitment to children and AIDS he pledged a strong push with partners for an AIDS free generation.
The Director General also revealed that I. I million people live with HIV/AIDS virus and 6.4% of these are old people. He also said that only 10% of Ugandans know there HIV/AIDS status in spite of the voluntary counseling tests (VCT) that have been going on In the country. The Doctor also said that by April 2008, 125,000 people have been on ARVs though it is about 254,000 people that need ARVs.
He also said that due to the new infection increase of about, 130,000 cases every year the number of people who will need ARVs is going to go high to about, 350,000 people. The increase in new infections doctor said is about laxity among people but also due to the rapid growth of the population in Uganda. Since an average woman in Uganda produces seven children. About 100,000 people die of HIV/AIDS related diseases every year and this is an increase from 72,000 two years ago.
Doctor Apuli asked journalist always to be equipped with information “since you are there to educate People.”

Our staff in Masindi district investigating allegations that a doctor does tuba-legation on HIV positive women without their consent.
NACWOLA staff interviewing the women living positive, these women live in camps, they have been displaced by war in the northern part of Uganda, and some come from southern Sudan. A picture in Panyadoli camp.

This picture was taken by our staff in the Eastern part of the country, I mean Uganda commonly known as the pearl of Africa, on the 12th/04/2008.
“She is just left to die in the house, only the skin covers her bones, which are about to piece through the frail skin, but the whole flesh, is eaten up by the opportunistic infections. She has a growth in her mouth that is suspected to be a cancer eating up her tang. “
In this district, healthy services especially to HIV/AIDS patients are next to impossible due to poverty and lack of the services. Who will ever help such people!!??

It’s quite unfortunate for some women living with HIV/AIDS in areas where NACWOLA has not yet established her roots. Of recent NACWOLA secretariat went to visit Kamuli district for a situational analysis for the new program implementation.
What was thought a done deal in some areas was found a severe problem this area of visitation, women need help!!!!
This is serious and it calls for an immediate attention, NACWOLA we must wake up. By RB – M&E Unit.

Over the years, women living with HIV/AIDS would die with the passion of wishing to have babies if at all they discovered their status prior to being mothers
Thank God for PMTCT program, its now realised as a human right for HIV+ Women to choose their own reproductive career.
This is one of the thousands of NACWOLA HIV- babies born to women living with HIV/AIDS.










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